Canadiens show no love on Valentine’s Day, Therrien Fired

On February 14, the Montreal Canadiens announced that they had fired Head Coach Michel Therrien, and replaced him with Claude Julien.

On the surface this is a very strange move. The Canadiens are in first place in the Atlantic Division, and have a four point lead over the Ottawa Senators. Montreal has only won three games out of there last ten. While Montreal has slipped in to a funk the other teams in the Atlantic Division have started to gain ground. The main reason why Therrien was fired in my opinion was because they could hire Julien.


Julien has been one of the top coaches in the league. He led the Boston Bruins to two Stanley Cup Finals, and won one of them. Julien also has won a Jack Adams award for best coach in the league. Julien’s Bruins were known for there physical, defense first style. In the 1o years Julien coached Boston, they gave up 1,837 goals. That second fewest in the NHL over that span. With a goaltender like Carey Price, Julien can be the difference in the playoffs.


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